Meet Kelly

Willow Glen was established in 2010. Invitation and stationery design really caught my interest when designing my own wedding invitations. When the invitation creation process started, I realized how many options I had in front of me. With such an abundance of ideas, and the passion to do more, I decided to start my own business. Now I can offer my unique design style an added personal touch to your once-in-a-life time celebration.

The name Willow Glen came from my love of flowers, trees and nature in general. During my childhood our backyard had these two beautiful Willow trees. I spent so many hours playing and dreaming under those trees. This time in my life inspired me to be the artist I am today. With a BFA in Graphic Design and Painting, I have worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for 20+ years.


"As long as I can remember, I have been crafting away at some sort of art piece. My love of art brought me to my career as a graphic designer and art director. I currently live in Danbury, Connecticut with my husband Sean, our daughters Ruthie and Stella; and our cat and dogs, Chuck, Bela and Lily."

~ My Wedding ~
It truly is a passion of mine to help my clients add those extra stylish details to their special day. Having planned a wedding and parties myself, I know how important it is to get all those details just right.

My wedding photography done by Modern Fotographic.